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Want To Know A Dirty Little Secret…?

The roof restoration’s most used sales tactic (used by roof restoration salespeople) is to say “we don’t use a paint, it’s a protective membrane”.

Guess what…?

It’s a blatant lie!

ALL roof restoration companies out there painting roofs (but pretending it’s not a paint) are spinning you a yarn. They ALL use a paint. Yes, it qualifies as a “membrane”, but it’s still a paint. It’s a type of paint.

Yes, a good roof coating will protect your tiles. And like I said, it’s a membrane. But don’t be fooled into thinking it’s a membrane in the sense that it seals all the gaps between your tiles and the like. It doesn’t.

Most of these coatings are designed to be applied to 100 microns (one tenth of a millimetre) per coat. That’s much thicker than you’d apply paint to, say, your internal walls, but it’s far from a thick “skin” that the word membrane often tricks people into thinking that they’re getting.

So now that we’ve got that out of the way, I’ll admit that there are certainly benefits to painting your roof.

Firstly, and most obviously, it can make it look amazing! Like new again, in many cases.Secondly, and particularly with older and more worn out tiles, it can preserve the tile’s surface and prolong its life. Thirdly, on a tiled roof, it will also preserve your pointing. It’s a fact that the pointing on painted roofs stays sound for longer than on unpainted roofs. At Gold Roofing, we use a roof paint made by Sunbond that we can confidently say will outlast anything on the market, bar none. How can we say that..? Simple…we can show you photos of roofs done in this product 22 years ago that still look good today! Do they look perfect..? Of course not. However, the paint is all still there and they still have most of their color. No other roof paint manufacturer can boast this. Plus, two other factors that determine the quality of your roof painting job and how long it lasts are :

        1. The preparation. And;

        2. How much paint is used.

At Gold Roofing we pay painstaking attention to detail in the preparation, using a high pressure water blaster that puts out 4,000 psi, and making sure the roof is spotless before painting. Then using a lot of paint. Way more than the recommended requirement. In short, the thicker it is the longer it lasts! All of this means that, when you choose Gold Roofing, you’ll get a roof that looks amazing and lasts a very long time!

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