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If you have a tiled roof under 12 years* or a metal (Colorbond or Zincalume) roof under 20 years* then you can normally have it cleaned and bring it up looking close to new again.

If your roof is older than these numbers then often cleaning it removes much of the coating, because by the age of 12 on a tiled roof or 20 on a Colorbond, the coatings have oxidised (gone chalky) to the point where pressure cleaning it will strip out much of that oxidised coating. In this situation, you’re better off having the roof re-coated. Or if your budget doesn’t allow for that, then there’s a cheaper option…apply a mould killer and then give it a soft wash.

Much of what appears to be dirt on your roof is actually lichen, a type of fungus. And a mould killer, then soft wash, can sometimes bring it up looking nice again. With some of the more stubborn mould and dirt, this is not possible, but most often it is.

At Gold Roofing, we’ll give you an honest assessment of whether your roof can be successfully cleaned, or whether the coating is too oxidised. This assessment will be backed up with photos.

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*The ages stated above are estimates and depend on the quality of materials that were used in the installation of your roof

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