If your tiled roof is older than 15 years, and has never been re-pointed, then chances are your pointing has cracks in it. This can let water in, and should the cracks become big enough, your ridge and hip caps will eventually become loose…therefore becoming at risk of blowing off in a storm.

Sounds drastic, right…?

It is. And it’s rare. But it can, and does, happen.

Having your roof re-pointed every 15 years (on average) is a wise investment. This will keep your ridge and hip capping secure and water-tight.

A flexible, polymer-based pointing mortar is now mandatory to comply with Australian standards, so make sure whoever does your pointing uses a flexible, polymer based product.

An important note here…make sure whoever does your pointing installs weep holes. These allow condensation to escape, rather than building up and back-flowing….dripping onto your ceiling. This can be a big problem in winter and rainy periods.

For an honest assessment of the condition of your pointing, backed up with photos, and a free quote, call Gold Roofing now on 3276 0464.

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